Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Birthday Pics

She even helped decorate the cake.

Some of Maren's favorite foods.

She did know that it was money. But still plenty excited about the card from Grandma and Grandpa Boivie.

Seth enjoying his new ball. He is dressed in a ninja vest because if you wore a costume to Chuck E Cheese they would give you free tickets.

Note: putting the candles in a hot pizza results in little wax nuggets in your pizza.


Valerie said...

Oh man, I gotta come visit. Your kids are too cute. I can't believe how much marens grown up since I saw her last.

Jet said...

I can't believe Maren is 2!!! Happy birthday to her and Seth!! What cuties, and I'm so happy to hear you guys are moved into the new house. Hope we can see it in person someday.