Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bricks and Cabinets

A quick update and pictures. While we were gone they did a lot of work on the house. The cabinets are installed, interior trim is rapidly advancing, and masonry work got started. Here are some pictures of what is happening. We also got a new move-in date at the end of September.

This is a picture of the kitchen cabinets in my parent's part of the house.

This is our kitchen.

The above two pictures are the cabinets in our upstairs family room. The top picture shows the wall that has the windows, and the other picture is of our media wall, where we will have the television.

These two pictures show a couple of the closets in the house. We sketched out the layout of the closets and then the trim carpenters built the shelving to match our drawings.

Finally, this is the house with the brick fully installed. We have two types of brick (one light, one darker) and one type of stone on the house. The masons have almost completely finished installing this lighter brick on the house. We think it will really look great once the siding above it is painted.

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