Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bricks and Cabinets

A quick update and pictures. While we were gone they did a lot of work on the house. The cabinets are installed, interior trim is rapidly advancing, and masonry work got started. Here are some pictures of what is happening. We also got a new move-in date at the end of September.

This is a picture of the kitchen cabinets in my parent's part of the house.

This is our kitchen.

The above two pictures are the cabinets in our upstairs family room. The top picture shows the wall that has the windows, and the other picture is of our media wall, where we will have the television.

These two pictures show a couple of the closets in the house. We sketched out the layout of the closets and then the trim carpenters built the shelving to match our drawings.

Finally, this is the house with the brick fully installed. We have two types of brick (one light, one darker) and one type of stone on the house. The masons have almost completely finished installing this lighter brick on the house. We think it will really look great once the siding above it is painted.

Friday, August 8, 2014


We moved out of our rental house on Monday, July 28. It was a bit of a tricky move just because we have sort of temporary living conditions until the house is done....So most things went into storage. But some had to be kept at the front for school and living in the apartment. Food and Steve's car went to a friend's house. Steve had bags packed to go to his AOM conference in Philadelphia. And the rest of us were packed to go up to Dallas. Luckily the movers did the hardest part of the move, but we were still pretty busy packing and sorting everything. Maren kept going from sad to happy....her bed would be gone, but then we told her she would see it again in the new house with her yellow room...repeat several times with other house items.

Steve had a good conference and we had a nice time up in Dallas. We stayed with Krista and Scott from Tues-Sat. It was rainy and chilly swimming. We visited one of Steve's high school friends for lunch before he went to PA. Krista took the kids to a movie. We celebrated Scott's birthday and played games. On Friday I took the kids to the Lego Discovery Center. It was pretty perfect for Rand and Seth (and other kids 5-10) Maren was too small for most things and Rhianna too tall. There were a few rides, a miniature Lego version of Dallas, places to play with Legos, a big playplace, and a 4D movie.

Saturday we got to meet up with a few of my cousins who live in the Dallas area and eat and swim. I am glad I got to see Jon and Jake and meet their families! Then from Sat-Thurs we were at Garret and Heidi's house. The kids played and played. We went swimming a few times. Watched some movies. And we went out a few times. Mon we went to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. It was August dollar days...and for good reason now. It actually has been a very mild cool summer. But it is HOT now. Just the walk to the kid section was super hot. But they have great interactive parts and several places to get misted to cool off.

Tues we went out to Chuck E Cheese for a little while. Wed we rode the DART train down into downtown Dallas to the Museum of Art. The kids really liked the train....and not the art so much. There was actually quite a bit there, including some really famous artists, and we walked through quite a lot. Maren scared me for a second when she disappeared...but little did we know she was playing peek-a-boo with us behind the curtains and luckily Heidi spotted her. Then it was pretty cute!

Thanks again Krista, Scott, Garret and Heidi and your kids for giving us a home and having a fun time with us for the past few weeks! Now we are back in College Station in a 2 bedroom apartment while our house is finished. They did quite a lot while we were gone so it was fun to come back to...bricks, cabinets, trim work so it is looking good.