Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Framing Almost Completed

The framing of the house is almost complete. At times it has felt like it has not gone as quickly as we would like. Apparently construction is really picking up in Texas which has had the effect of causing labor shortages in a lot of areas. That has affected the speed of the framing for the house.

The stairs were finally framed in and so we have been able to go upstairs and see the rooms up there. It is definitely an exciting process, but one that can also be frustrating. Here are some updated pictures. Once some of the rough-in work starts (like plumbing, electrical, etc.) we will take some pictures from the inside and put them up.

The bump out section there is the front door.

This is a view of the house from the street. We will probably be thinning out the bushes a little more, so there will be a better view of the house. Plus, one of the trees is basically touching the roof and will likely have to be removed when we do the landscaping.

This view shows the house as you drive up. You can see the shape of the roof from this view.