Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pinewood Derby 2014

The Pinewood Derby was back on March 25. This year grandpa helped Rand with his car. Rand decided to make a truck (and we actually saw a black truck with 2 orange stripes just the other day). Grandpa cut it out with the saw and then Rand sanded it. They spray painted it black and then added the stripes and weights and wheels. They made the Pinewood Derby pretty fun with nachos and hot dogs and popcorn. Each boy got to do 4 different races. Rand lost 2 and then won 2 - pulling ahead near the finish line. So it was a fun night.

And just a few other pics from the past few weeks...
 Up in Dallas for part of Spring you see Seth's legs up super high! Freaked me out!
 Springtime - Bluebonnets (here with Seth's thumbprints) and wildflowers growing all over!
 Maren's new car
 Yellow snow(cone)
 College Station Easter Celebration at the George Bush Presidential Library
Bath - she would now like one every day

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