Saturday, March 22, 2014

Framing has Begun

Framing has started on the house. Here are some pictures. It is fun and exciting to see the house actually start to take shape.

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Firm Foundation (Finally)

We broke ground on the house almost two months ago. Since then, the weather here has mostly been wet or cold or both. Those conditions made it difficult to get the foundation poured for our house because our builder wanted to really make sure the foundation was done right. We have what is called an engineered foundation and it is very important for it to set and cure properly. Plus, our floors on the main floor will be the exposed concrete so any imperfections will show. However, after waiting for a long time, yesterday our foundation was poured.

The three pictures below show the site prepped for the concrete. Our foundation is engineered with posts or beams that go down into the ground underneath the slab portion. Our contractor referred to it as kind of like a waffle. The idea is that with the expansive clay under the ground, if the clay moves or shifts because of water that the whole foundation will shift as one piece and not buckle or crack.

The actual concrete pour started at 6:00am. Stephanie and I decided it would be fun to get the kids up and go watch some of the pour. We grabbed some breakfast sandwiches and got to the lot a little bit before 7:00. The concrete trucks would swap in and out. We had 18 truck loads of concrete for the foundation.

Here is the pumper truck that allows the workers to pour the concrete wherever they need it.

The crew of workers did a great job. Stephanie went back to the lot at 4:00 and they were still there finishing up. They worked hard to make the finished product look nice. For the main part of the house we are having exposed concrete floors. We went with integrated color. This means that the color is mixed into the concrete before it is poured. At some point, the finished concrete company will come back to the lot and polish the floor and also add a number of coats to seal the floor. We chose a brown color and we think it looks nice. You can see it in the two pictures below.

Now that the foundation is finished, framing can begin in about a week. Our contractor likes to wait a week before he puts real weight on the foundation to make sure it has cured properly. It is nice to finally have a foundation and to know that building can continue. Our hope at this point is for the house to be finished some time in July.