Saturday, January 11, 2014

Home Construction -- End of Week 1

Construction has officially begun on the house! The first step was clearing the lot and that happened this week. A surveyor came in and specified where the corners of the house were on the lot, and then we worked with our builder to determine what trees to save and what to clear. Then they brought in a big excavator and cleared everything. I think they will start planning out and laying forms for the foundation next week. Here are pictures of the lot now that it is cleared.

There have been a number of other things that have also happened since the last update. After we had the signed construction contract we needed to finalize the construction loan with the bank. That all finalized and we signed the papers on Christmas Eve.

We also needed to get the final approval from the architectural committee of the subdivision. We had already got approval that our house met the minimum size guidelines and the required setbacks on the lot. The final approval is about the exterior materials and colors that will be used on the home. The main reason this wasn't already done is that even though we had already chosen the stone for the exterior, we were trying to figure out if we wanted to switch some of that exterior stone to brick in order to save some money. We had been waiting for brick samples from one company for a long time and we finally decided to try a different company and we had a great experience. We went to Acme brick and they had a very helpful salesman and they were upfront about pricing and everything. We made the final choices on brick and then we went and picked out the paint colors. Here are the final color renderings that show our material choices.

We are really happy with the choices. We will have two types of brick and one type of stone. The siding will be made of cement board and will be painted. We are excited that things are moving forward and will be posting updates whenever there is something new to report.


Maria said...

Awesome. It bet it feels great to see some physical progress.

fortnite said...

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