Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rhianna's Performances

Rhianna was happy to be chosen by her teachers as the Student of the Month. She is really enjoying Intermediate School and switching classes - she likes that her teachers really know the subject and are good at teaching her.

Rhianna is playing the flute in the band. She practices at home every week day. Usually she is just with the flutes in class at school, so she really liked playing as a whole band. Here is the song they did together (you can see part of Rhianna in the bottom left):

Rhianna is also doing a dance class this year. She is taking tap and jazz. They did a performance outside at an amphitheater for Christmas at the Creek....and this year it was literally freezing. We had to be there a little early for her to meet her group. So we watched a few performances and then took off for home and hot chocolate as soon as she finished dancing.