Friday, November 8, 2013

Another Lost Tooth

Seth has lost his 4 bottom teeth and the 2 on the top were starting to get wiggly. On Wednesday, Seth plays with his friend Henry while Rhianna and Rand have piano lessons from Henry's mom. When I went to pick them up this week, Seth said they had been sword fighting, he got stabbed in the mouth and so he was pretty sure he was going to loose his tooth.

When we got home he was wiggling it and tasting blood. So after dinner he said he wanted an apple to help get the tooth out. He worked at biting it for a while, then he just bashed the apple into his face. I think maybe one more bite and then he pulled his tooth out. He rinsed his mouth and then finished his apple. I hate pulling teeth out so I guess the kids get them out in creative ways!


Maria said...

That is a lot of teeth for a kindergartener! Cute smile!

Maria said...

Also, I sort of love pulling teeth. Send them to me next time!