Sunday, October 27, 2013

Seth's Birthday

Seth had one of the best days last Friday - his 6th birthday! All of the kindergarten classes went on a field trip to Dewberry Farm. He liked the bus ride and had fun with things like a giant slide, hay ride, and picking a pumpkin. He brought our chocolate chip cookies for a treat for his class.

Then his request for his birthday was to have his friend Henry over to play and do a treasure hunt. So we sort of went with a pirate theme....We made his cake look like a treasure map...

Seth and Henry did a treasure hunt through the house stopping for little activities along the way (like dancing a pirate jig, Rhianna leading them in pirate exercises, and Rand leading them in frog vs. crocs in the bathtub). This all lead to the X and the treasure at the end...

(Our friends the Neumillers remembered that Seth wanted a pinata and sent him one from Arizona!)

Everyone made their own pizzas, we ate cake, Seth opened presents, and he got to play with his friend. It was a really great night! We are so glad to have Seth in our family and for the fun and happiness he brings to our family!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Maren's Birthday

Yesterday was our celebration with Maren. I don't think I can fully express how grateful I am to have her in our family. She is so much fun right now. She is learning more words and is very vocal. As she is babbling, it really sounds like she is trying to imitate us and copy us which is super funny to hear. She also answers most questions with a "yes" or "yea" so we have had some silly times asking her random questions. She has also learned "uh-oh" and likes dropping her sippy cup or hiding toys and saying "uh-oh." She is mostly pretty happy and good to go along with all our activities. She also likes eating and so we were excited to see what she would do with her cake.

She was actually quite calm and methodical as she just played a bit but enjoyed eating the cake.

Eventually we just had to stop her because she was starting to get pink in the sun.

After a quick bath, she had fun opening presents. She had a few cards and the older kids were surprised a baby got money - thanks Grandpa & Grandma! She likes ripping paper and I think she was surprised there was something in there after she ripped it. The shape sorter made her a little mad because she got her arm stuck reaching through the hole.

She also wore her beautiful new clothes from Hong Kong to church today - thanks Grandma & Grandpa!

We Love You Maren!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013



Saturday, October 12, 2013

Golden Gators!

Here in College Station each grading period is 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 weeks at Creek View, each class or teacher chooses a boy and girl Golden Gator - someone who exemplifies the qualities they are trying to teach the students.
G - Gracious
A - Accountable
T - Trustworthy
O - Outstanding Effort
R - Respectful

Both Seth and Rand were the first Golden Gators for their classes! It made us (and them) feel so happy that in a new school their friends and teachers still recognized their hard work and kindness. The teachers kept it a surprise and invited us to the quick celebrations that they did this week. Congrats Boys!