Friday, August 30, 2013

Seth is in Kindergarten

Seth's kindergarten teacher asked us to write her a letter about him, to help her better understand him and help her be a good teacher. I tried to really capture his personality, and so I have decided to post the letter here as well. Here it is.

Seth Michael Boivie is a truly terrific kid. I think you are so lucky to have him in your class and to be able to be his first teacher. There are so many wonderful things about him that it will be difficult for me to keep this letter short, but I will do my best to be brief. Seth has a very vibrant personality. What I mean by that is that he is hard to miss. When he is in a room, you can always tell. When he is happy, which is most of the time, he is tremendously happy. He lights up a room. When he is sad, he is very sad. For him almost every day is either the best or the worst day of his life. He does not live life in the middle.

Seth has the desire to be great. He always wants to do hard things. In fact, one of his biggest challenges is that he is only five. He has an older sister and an older brother, and he does not like it when they can do things that he can’t do. He wants to be able to do everything, and do it now. For instance, he is starting to get frustrated that he can’t fully read. He wants to read books, and he doesn’t like that other people have to help him. He also doesn’t like it when you tell him he can’t do something because he is too little, or too young. He is proud of the fact that he got to go to school a couple of days a week last year to work on his speech, because it made him feel like one of the older kids.

Seth is very helpful around the house. He is almost always willing to help when asked. Seth is also very funny and full of joy. He loves to laugh and make jokes. As he will tell you, at times he can be mischievous. He often comes up with very elaborate plans about how he could trick or prank someone, but luckily we are usually able to talk him out of actually implementing those plans.

Seth likes to play outside. Even though he doesn’t formally do any sports, he really likes whatever sports he tries. He loves to be moving. At home he has a hard time sitting down the whole time when he is eating because he has so much energy. He also likes movies and video games, but he only gets to do those a little bit. He really loves to build with Legos and to play games with his family. He is quite good at a lot of card and board games, even ones that are geared towards older kids.

Seth is also kind and loving. He has been a great big brother to his little sister Maren. He loves to hold her and play with her. He tries very hard to teach her how to do things. He also really likes being around people and other kids and makes friends wherever he goes.

I hope this tells you a little bit about Seth, and I hope you enjoy having him in your class as much as we enjoy having him in our family.  

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Maria said...

I love that picture. Seth is such a fun kid. I hope his teacher appreciates how great he is.