Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School

We had been starting to feel like it was a long summer and all of us were looking forward to school. We got school supplies and schedules and met teachers....but then it felt like it came up quickly. Over the past few days it has been good to talk to the kids about their excitement as well as their worries. I am thinking of them now as they face this first day in a new place, new school, with new kids and teachers. I hope they are happy - I think it will be a good place for us but the beginning is hard...

Yesterday Steve gave all the kids father's blessings. He was able to use the priesthood to let them know his impressions as their father and from our Father in Heaven about things that will help them this year. It was particularly special this year.

One funny moment yesterday as I was reading to Seth and Steve said he thought Seth would just love reading once he sort of put everything together - Seth said, "Yeah, I think it will just take me 1 day of Kindergarten to learn to read. Maybe 2." We will see - maybe this was an amazing day!

This morning Steve got us some breakfast from Kolache Rolf's (kolaches are all over here - we had never heard of them before). I am letting the kids pick what to put in lunches this week so I packed what Seth asked for for all of them. The others will take turns the next few days. Seth was so excited and bouncy all this morning. Then we all walked together - I am so excited that we/they can always walk.

 We went in the front doors. All the grades have their own hallway area with a big meeting space in the middle. As we got to the kindergarten hall Seth turned and said, "I know what to do now - you can go." Cracked me up. And he did - he has grown up around school and is so social and fun I think he is going to love school. I hope his fun personality comes out in class. We did walk him to class and give him a hug and he headed to his table to start.
Then we walked Rand to the 3rd grade hall. I think it was good for him that the teacher had instructions up and so he knew what to do. It feels like both of them have good classes with smaller groups of kids so I hope they will really enjoy learning here. Then we walked across the field to the intermediate school. Here elementary is K-4, then intermediate has 5-6. Rhianna turned back for a hug before heading in to the cafeteria with the other 6th graders - it is a much bigger group of kids per grade and she had to sort of jump in only knowing about 3 kids from church.

And now it is just me and Maren at home. We went to the library. We played (which usually means we go room to room pulling objects out of cupboards or off of shelves). We ate lunch. And now it is nap time. For me too - yeah!

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Valerie said...

Trippy that your front door looks just like your old front door.

Happy first day, everyone! I never had to move or change schools until college, so I can only imagine what courage that must take! Good luck!