Sunday, August 18, 2013

10 Months

Maren turned 10 months old yesterday - and this was her first time eating Rudy's! She had some creamed corn, turkey, banana pudding and peach cobbler. Man that food is good. It was also Grandma & Grandpa's 47th wedding anniversary and our friend and architect Wes was in town. So it was a good day all around. Maren is sleeping good now and eating most things just in small or smushed up form. She does now drink from a sippy cup besides still nursing about 4-5 times a day. She has a great smile and laugh and fun personality. We have been watching videos of the others kids when they were little and it is super cute and silly. And now Maren is doing more and more.

Just a few other tidbits - Early in August we went up to Dallas and Rhianna actually stayed a week up there with cousins. It will be fun to get together regularly. The kids have played and built Legos (see a few above by Rand) and done well this summer, but they are getting bored (though sometimes this leads to creative ideas like Seth making Maren a skirt out of crepe paper) - it is definitely time to get back to school. We bought school supplies, Seth was super excited to get a new backpack, and Rhianna just got her schedule last Thursday. The boys will meet their teachers this Thursday and school starts Monday, August 26. We also made great strides on the house this weekend. We have pretty firmly settled on our design and home layout with Wes. We walked around the lot and figured out how we will place the house on it. We talked with and looked at houses by 4 builders and so are narrowing down that choice. The lot will officially be ours when we close on September 6.

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