Sunday, July 21, 2013

Funk Family Reunion in Virginia

It was nice to have everyone together - some that I hadn't seen in a few years. My kids had lots of fun with their cousins, grandma and grandpa, and aunts and uncles. There were lots of games, lots of food and snacks, and a few trips out to different activities. Here are a few pictures:

GAMES! Only the first of many Dominion Games played...Ticket to ride...and many others. Also Grandma's treasure hunts for the kids and adults!

We stayed at a big house out near the Shenandoah Valley. My favorite creature was the fireflies we would see and catch. Also there were frogs, worms, mice, horses, dogs, chickens, bugs, snakes, and alpacas.

Here you can see the big house, the tree house (where the kids slept with adults taking turns for the first half of the week....but with no railing on the top bunks and more kids than spots everyone ended up back in the house by the end of the week), the pond and shed.

We went out on a small hike and then went into the river - fun but stressful with slippery rocks, fast water and lots of kids. We went into DC on July 4th for the Nationals baseball game. Calvin taught Rhianna and Rand a lot about baseball...Seth enjoyed the hot dog and sucking on lemons. We also went to King's Dominion to do some rides and play in the water park. The kids did some of the rides in the Planet Snoopy area.  We stayed with the 5-6 year old crowd in the Lil' Barefoot Beach and those 3 kids had a lot of fun swimming. At the end, Rhianna even went on the biggest roller coaster and just kept her eyes shut for the craziness and to avoid blacking out like others.

Everyone headed out on Saturday or Sunday. We went to the Washington DC Temple and Visitor's Center.

Then on Monday we headed in to the National Mall. We started at 9 am at the Lincoln Memorial. Our plan was just to walk, see memorials and maybe 1 part of some of the museums, see some things from far away, and stop when we were tired. We went into the American History Museum, Natural History Museum, and Air & Space Museum and headed back to the hotel at about 4 pm. It was nice to see some of these very famous places in person.

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