Saturday, July 20, 2013

9 Months Old

Prepare yourself for some cuteness....
SO BIG!! Maren has learned so much this month. She can do peek-a-boo, clap, wave (and I am pretty sure say) "hi", give open mouth kisses, crawl like a champ, pull and stand up on things and sit back has been really fun to watch her learn all these things. At first we kind of felt like "oh things get tricky" and she was so unstable but always wanted to stand. In just a week she has gotten so much better. We do have to keep a close eye on her and she did squish her fingers in a drawer for the first time today, but she is doing great. It is fun to watch her play and explore.

It is also nice to have her back to being healthy and happy. She got really sick at the end of the Funk Reunion and by the time we got home and took her to the doctor she had goopy green flowing from both eyes and her nose, a bad cough, and a fever of 104. She just finished the antibiotics today and really it has been just the past 2-3 days she has been happy again. We also discovered at the same time she was getting 3 more teeth (2 more on the top sides, 1 on the bottom side) so now she will have 8. I feel like I can't remember how to feed a baby - I have definitely gone slower with feeding Maren. And I think she would like to eat more. I just opened my food processor today so she will be getting more of our foods. She is feeling like a bigger baby to me now!

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Maria said...

I miss that cutie girl! This is such a fun stage.