Thursday, May 2, 2013

Just past 6 months...

It has been a big month for Maren ...

Rolled from belly to back - March 19
1st tooth - April 3
2nd tooth - April 9
Rolled from back to belly - April 18
First food (baby oatmeal) - April 25

May 1 was her doctor's appointment and she weighed 17lbs 10oz and was 27in long. That puts her in the 70-85% range for both. I think that is pretty similar to our other chunky babies. She did great getting 3 shots and was done with crying after a few minutes of hugs and kisses. Maren got to go on her first plane ride with Steve and I when we visited College Station. She is pleasant and did great flying and driving all over. She makes great baby noises. She can scoot around pretty good on her back. She likes her exersaucer, playing with the toys and bouncing. I think we waited the longest to feed her and so she does a really good job of eating. It was pretty fun seeing how excited the other kids were to see her eat and help her. And then they wanted to try the baby food too. We sure are having fun with this little girl.

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Maria said...

She is so squishy! I wish I could give her a squeeze!