Thursday, May 23, 2013

5th Grade Promotion

As the school year ended, Rhianna had the chance to write a speech for the 5th grade promotion held today. Her speech was not chosen by the other kids, but it made me and several teachers very happy. Mainly I felt proud at how far she has come since her kindergarten days and how great she can write on her own when writing was not one of her favorites. I have great kids and I am happy they are learning and enjoying school. So here is Rhianna's speech she would have given....and now I have a 6th Grader!

My name is Rhianna Boivie. I am a 5th grade student here at Whitmore. I’ve had many wonderful experiences at Whitmore, learning and playing. During these brief minutes, I’ll share a few.

                It all began in a kindergarten classroom 6 years ago. We were so small, and didn’t know much then. At home, I have an old shirt with many pictures on it. This shirt was made in a kindergarten class. It reminds me of our unit on apples. I remember tasting many types and enjoying all the unique flavors. We talked about their colors and made apple stoplights. Then, when we were done, we got to have an apple festival. I know that I was not the only one amazed at the simple apple peeler! That was a great year.

                That first year, and every other year too, I’ve made friends. In fact, many still attend this school. At Whitmore, it’s okay to be friends with anyone and everyone. We have such a great community.

Ms. Hansen, the former principal, and Ms. South, this year’s principal, have made this happen. They have been so kind and hardworking with their effort to improve our school. I have always loved getting chosen to do morning announcements with them. It’s great how they let us help out.

As we progressed, it became time to take the AIMS test. I was nervous that it would not be a pleasant time. I learned that because of the wonderful teachers, it was worth it. They gave us breakfast and snacks each day. The best was in 4th grade. On our last day of AIMS, Mrs. Hall made us a splendid breakfast. It was crepes! They were so heavenly that I would have taken tests every day to have them. By then, we were tired of testing, but that small thing gave us the energy to conquer our last day.

Another fabulous experience in 4th grade was a field trip known as the Math and Science Funfest. It was a trip I’ll never forget. We got to create toothbrush robots and watch them zoom around! We got fruit DNA! We made cool stuff, and learned, too. We even got to touch a real human brain!

The fun continued on into 5th grade. Our classes tried a P.E. game called Trench. Soon, it was our favorite! A benefit is that all players are important at all times. It takes a lot of teamwork, so the game has helped us learn to work together.

This year, our teachers are Ms. Kerstein and Mrs. Wolf. We are now going into middle school, and thanks to them, we are ready. We’re prepared both to switch rooms and for the extra challenge. For example, we switch classes at least once every day – for math and language arts. You’d be impressed how much we’ve learned.

As our parents would agree, we have grown up a lot. We started as kindergarteners, playing without a care, to mature 6th graders who are intelligent and thoughtful. Just imagine! We could barely read, but now we read thick novels. It’s amazing!

In the process, we not only gained knowledge, but we also made memories. I know that I, for one, will remember Whitmore forever. We each have special events that stand out to us, but we all love Whitmore.

I want to thank everyone who has helped us on behalf of the 5th grade. This includes teachers, parents, principals, other staff, and fellow students. I personally want to say, “Thank you,” to Ms. Kunk, Ms. Larkin, and Ms. Hall especially, but you’re all awesome. You have made our time here what it was.
Goodbye, Whitmore! You were the beginning of our school years, which were fantastic. We love you and will miss you all. Remember us! We will remember you. Thanks again, and farewell elementary school, hello middle school! Goodbye and good luck to all of us.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Just past 6 months...

It has been a big month for Maren ...

Rolled from belly to back - March 19
1st tooth - April 3
2nd tooth - April 9
Rolled from back to belly - April 18
First food (baby oatmeal) - April 25

May 1 was her doctor's appointment and she weighed 17lbs 10oz and was 27in long. That puts her in the 70-85% range for both. I think that is pretty similar to our other chunky babies. She did great getting 3 shots and was done with crying after a few minutes of hugs and kisses. Maren got to go on her first plane ride with Steve and I when we visited College Station. She is pleasant and did great flying and driving all over. She makes great baby noises. She can scoot around pretty good on her back. She likes her exersaucer, playing with the toys and bouncing. I think we waited the longest to feed her and so she does a really good job of eating. It was pretty fun seeing how excited the other kids were to see her eat and help her. And then they wanted to try the baby food too. We sure are having fun with this little girl.