Monday, March 4, 2013

Random Happenings

Pinewood Derby- Br Walston is excellent at working with wood and was so great at teaching Rhianna and Rand about the band saw and helping them. I, however, am not so good at pinewood derby cars. Apparently straight wheels make a difference - who knew! But we did our best and Rand got to race his car and then later in the day the Activity Day girls from our ward raced cars. (Rhianna and Seth had worked together on hers.)

Chinese New Year- We have a few good friends who are Chinese. Songcui works with Steve and she and her husband made pot stickers and brought fruit. The Neumillers made egg rolls and fried rice. We went to a good Chinese restaurant and bought baked pork buns that are delicious. What we made was a Strawberry Dream cake that we had seen on TV- SO GOOD!!
Art- These are just a few cool drawings Rhianna and Rand have done at school with the art teacher. It is nice the schools have gotten a little more funding so they can have a few specialty teachers.

FHE- Seth really does great at listening and remembering his lessons in church and we have good discussions. He has a very nice teacher and she did a lesson on Joseph Smith's first vision. So when Seth had our Family Home Evening lesson, he did his best to recreate the visual aid with Jesus and Heavenly Father coming down to visit Joseph.

Scouts- Rand finished his Wolf and so got several advancements at the Blue & Gold banquet last week. Seth had fun collecting balloons. Rand and Steve worked together on the cake for the cake decorating contest (and Seth helped a little too) and they won!

And Maren is still super cute!

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