Sunday, February 17, 2013

4 Months

Today Maren is 4 months old. We are having so much fun with her. She was sick a week ago with a yucky cough and lots of mucus going on, but she is better now. She is starting to get even more vocal. She can push with her legs and scoot around backwards on the floor. She can grab at things and hold toys for a little while. She is champion thumb sucker and super cute when she does it. I think she has discovered her tongue and she keeps sticking it out. She still has a slightly goopy eye- the tear duct still must be blocked. She still only poops every few days. She is chunky and smiley and has a great laugh and we all just love her.

The kids in November...
And the kids now!
 Baby Jeans

 With Mom today-
And with Rhianna today.

And now a few videos taken yesterday - 

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