Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Seth's 5th Birthday

Seth turned 5 just a week after Maren was born - so he got to have his new sister and Grandma and Grandpa here for this birthday. Grandpa and Grandma took Seth out to the Ice Age movie during the day and then we did a few fun things that night.

We do fairly low key birthday celebrations, mainly just with family, but let the kids invite a few friends. His friend Robbie came over this time. Seth wanted to have a chicken nugget dipping taste test and an ice cream taste test for dessert. We had 6 sauces to try - ketchup, ranch, sweet & sour, BBQ, Thai red chili, and honey mustard. Seth decided he liked ketchup (and sort of honey mustard). Then he did a small treasure hunt and we did the ice cream taste test. We had vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Seth liked chocolate the best. The results sort of made us laugh....but it was a really fun night.

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