Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanks Valerie

I am very blessed to have 2 great sisters (as well as 3 brothers that I will get to see in December). Valerie was able to come spend last week with us - making dinner, holding Maren, jumping rope, playing at the park, shopping, talking. One of the reasons I am so glad to have Maren is that now Rhianna has a sister - and I know their value to me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma

We have had a wonderful month. I wanted to say thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Boivie for coming to Tucson for 3 weeks to help with so much as Maren joined our family. Here is a list of some of what they did: rides to school, rides home, rides to tennis, made school lunch, made smoothies, made dinner, did dishes, did laundry, held Maren, put the crib together, went on walks, went on treasure hunts, went on picnics, played games, stayed with me in the hospital, helped with Seth's birthday, sang at Rand's baptism, went to church, went to movies, created costumes, went to a church Halloween party, went trick-or-treating, held Maren more, helped with homework, told bedtime stories....I am pretty sure that there was even more than this that I can't think of now. It was so nice to have that extra help for me and special time spent with our kids.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rand's Baptism

Rand was baptized on Saturday, November 3. He read the whole Book of Mormon with Steve and finished on his birthday in September. He had his interview with the Bishop and he was ready.

Saturday was such a nice day. Krista also came in for a short visit and we had the whole morning to relax. There were 4 kids getting baptized and they asked our family to do a musical number. Rand chose "When I Am Baptized" because he said he feels the spirit during that song. He had several friends and teachers and leaders from our ward come too and we all were happy to see him. Steve baptized him and Grandpa Boivie and his teacher Br. Rogers were the witnesses. The spirit was strong as we sang songs and mom and dad got to bear their testimonies just before Rand was confirmed and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

We then came home for the meal Rand chose - hamburgers from In & Out and chocolate raspberry cake. We gave Rand new scriptures and he got some marking pencils from Grandma and Grandpa Boivie and a gift from Krista. Rand has already started the habit of reading his own scriptures now, along with writing in a journal and saying his prayers, and I can tell just generally he is trying to be even better and make good choices. Rand and Rhianna also bore their testimonies about how they felt at church on Sunday. What a good weekend!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Seth's 5th Birthday

Seth turned 5 just a week after Maren was born - so he got to have his new sister and Grandma and Grandpa here for this birthday. Grandpa and Grandma took Seth out to the Ice Age movie during the day and then we did a few fun things that night.

We do fairly low key birthday celebrations, mainly just with family, but let the kids invite a few friends. His friend Robbie came over this time. Seth wanted to have a chicken nugget dipping taste test and an ice cream taste test for dessert. We had 6 sauces to try - ketchup, ranch, sweet & sour, BBQ, Thai red chili, and honey mustard. Seth decided he liked ketchup (and sort of honey mustard). Then he did a small treasure hunt and we did the ice cream taste test. We had vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Seth liked chocolate the best. The results sort of made us laugh....but it was a really fun night.