Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Rand!

Yesterday Rand turned 8. We have had a fun few days celebrating. Yesterday Rand brought donuts to school and then opened the presents from family. We gave him another stash of books and a few sets of Ninjago Legos with spinners to start his collection. The Neumillers also stopped by with a book and a white towel embroidered with an "R" for his baptism which will likely be the beginning of November.

Today was time with friends. Rand could barely make it until 5 pm. He invited Madison and Matthew, some of his good friends from school. Rand, Rhianna and Seth had all worked together to make menus.

We all created our own pizzas. Then we watched the movie The Lorax. We ended by decorating our own cupcakes and opening presents. His friends also know him well and got him different sets of Legos and a book. I could tell Rand had a fun night - and he is so happy with all the gifts. I think he will be busy for days building and playing with all these new Legos!

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Valerie said...

Happy birthday! I love the menus. Still have mine from the restaurant "The Date".