Wednesday, August 22, 2012

To my sisters & brothers...Remember when...

 it would rain in Colorado and we would do something like this....

We have had good monsoon rains here this year. Seth had a fun time this morning playing in the rain and river out front.

Friday, August 10, 2012

2012-2013 School Year

School is off to a good start for Rhianna and Rand. They began school just over a week ago on August 2. Rhianna is in 5th grade with Mrs. Wolf. She is a new teacher to the school but has been teaching for several years. The kids will switch off between the 2 teachers to have Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Rhianna also gets to learn Band/Orchestra this year...she is trying to decide which instrument and may get to try a couple (her tops right now are flute, violin, and clarinet).

Rand is in 2nd Grade with Ms. Laird. He does a really great job in school and I think she has already noticed that about Rand. I am happy that it seems to be a better group of kids in his class this year and is starting off as a small class of 18 students. He has had a fun time this week and it sounds like she is going to try to challenge him too. Both kids start GATE next week.

Seth will do his speech games once again with Ms. Bevier starting next week. We are also trying to figure out a preschool two days a week for Seth and he will start that soon too.

And now that I am at 30 weeks, I figured I would take a back to school picture too.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

End of Summer

Tomorrow school starts, so I thought I would do a quick post about a few of our summer activities.

*Swim Lessons - The kids did swimming at the YMCA. I don't have pictures since I was in the pool too. Seth did private lessons and got so that he could swim a few feet by himself. His confidence is still much higher than that and he always tells me to back up farther for him to swim to me. Rhianna and Rand did semi-private lessons together and they both got better. Rhianna can do several of the strokes now and Rand really worked on his breathing to be able to swim a little more. I got to be in the pool while the kids took turns which was nice.

*Tennis - The kids did tennis lessons 2 mornings a week. It was good that it was early because they were super sweaty even by the 9:15 end time. All the kids started knowing nothing and it has been fun to watch them get better. We think we will keep them going after school once the school year starts.

*Preschool Activity - Seth has had a lot of fun with his friends this summer. On Tuesday mornings the moms of a few 4 year olds took turns teaching a little lesson, reading books, and playing with our kids. We had our 2 turns to host in July. The first theme was opposites, focusing mainly on hot and cold. Rhianna helped the kids do color wheels and learn about hot/cold colors. The funnest was talking about volcanoes and making our own crafts and a baking soda volcano.

The second theme was space. We talked about rockets and the dollar little rockets were a hit. We talked about the planets and played our own made-up meteor version of hot potato. Everyone left with some glow-in-the-dark goodies just for fun.

*Break In - One day we were gone for just over an hour to the library and returned to find our house was broken into. After the initial fright and wondering if anyone was still in the house, it was mainly just a pain. It took a few hours for the police to come (partly why it was good no one was here...I guess I should sound more panicked on the phone), make their report, and take fingerprints. Only a few things were stolen - most missed is the old iPad from Steve's work because now the kids can't play games. The main thing was that we had to get our door totally replaced very quickly because it couldn't close or lock the way it and the frame were damaged.

*Indoor Campout - Steve and I don't like we did it inside. I showed the kids how to make time foil dinners, which they thought were delicious. Then we used my families old method of cooking marshmallows over the stove burners to make our smores. Then the kids all slept on the air mattress and told stories....great campout!

And that is about it really. We went to some movies, read lots of books, played with friends, did some "school time" in workbooks at home, did Dad school (typing for Rhianna and Rand, beginning reading with Seth), went to doctors appointments, cleaned some of the rooms, played games around the house....And now the timing is good to go back to school. Just in the last week these few activities started to get boring and so now we are prepped to begin again tomorrow....