Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rhianna's Birthday

Our first surprise for all the kids was that Aunt Krista came to visit. We didn't tell them she was coming and it was fun hearing their screams when she pulled up to our house on Wednesday. On Thursday we went to the Arizona Historical Society Museum. Their upstairs is all interactive and we had fun playing. Downstairs there is a fake mine and tons of very impressive quilts celebrating Arizona's 100th birthday.

Friday was Rhianna's birthday. All of us plus Rhianna's good friends Amelia and Kenedy went to the movie Brave. Then Rhianna chose Sweet Tomatoes for her birthday lunch. Mainly she wanted lots of mac & cheese and dessert. Once we got home Rhianna opened presents and is now happy to have another good stash of books and some new cute clothes. The rest of the day was spent playing at home and made for just a really fun and relaxing birthday. Happy Birthday to our 10 year old!

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