Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Birthaversary Stephanie

June is a big month for our family. Stephanie and I got married on June 12, my birthday is June 18, and Stephanie and Rhianna share a birthday on the 22nd. It is a fun and exciting time. However, because Rhianna and Stephanie share the same birthday, sometimes I feel like we don’t spend enough time really celebrating Stephanie’s birthday. What we have done the last few years is we have used our anniversary on the 12th as the day we also celebrate Stephanie’s birthday.

So, in honor of our recent anniversary (our 14th) and Stephanie’s upcoming birthday, I thought I would just do a quick blog post celebrating a couple things that demonstrate how awesome Stephanie is.

One reason that Stephanie is awesome is because she is an awesome mom. One thing I love about the LDS church is that we tend to celebrate the choice for a woman to be a stay at home mom, a little more than other people do. It is seen as a noble sacrifice for a woman to choose to forgo her career (and possibly some personal fulfillment and public praise) in order to spend time loving and caring for her children. I think that is a great thing that we do in LDS culture. I am so grateful that Stephanie made this choice for our family. She does so much more than I could do if our roles were reversed. Stephanie constantly puts the needs of our kids before her own. She has a greater share of love and patience than I do. I constantly reflect on the fact that my job ends when I come home, but her job never stops. Even now, when she is more tired because she is pregnant, she is still the one who will immediately wake up and care for our children when they express a need, while I sleep through whatever crisis is occurring.

Another reason Stephanie is awesome is because she is a fabulous wife. She loves and appreciates her weird, nerdy husband. I am definitely a nerd (or a geek). I am so nerdy that I use a spreadsheet to keep track of all the books I read. I do this for two reasons. First, I read so much that without keeping track I would find myself accidentally re-reading books I had read years before. Second, I have to keep a long list of what to read next so that I can stay ahead of it. Stephanie knows about my quirks and yet you will never hear her say anything bad or negative about them. Sometimes she even celebrates them. Recently a friend of Stephanie’s posted on her family blog about a taste-test that she did for her husband’s birthday. That is the kind of nerdy thing that is right up my alley: food combined with data. Before I had even mentioned it, she had planned with the kids to conduct a taste test of sandwiches from various sandwich shops for Father’s day. It was a lot of fun and just one of the many ways she has demonstrated how much she loves and understands me.

So, today on my birthday I just want to tell Stephanie how much I love and appreciate her and wish her a Happy Birthaversary!!!

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Valerie said...

Yay! Happy birthday month to you all.

You have been married 14 years?? That means I have known you more than half my life, Steve. Craziness.