Monday, June 25, 2012

Days for Dad

This year Father's Day and Steve's birthday were right in a row. So we had a few fun days to do little things with dad.

Our first secret plan was an idea I got from a friend's blog to do a taste test. This seemed to fit Steve well and so we planned to do it on Saturday. One of Steve's favorite foods is sandwiches. The kids helped pick out 4 sandwich shops. At each place we tried to order their listed turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese. So there were slight variations in type of bread or extra toppings, but we left it that way to see what we liked. We also got plain potato chips at each place, whatever brand they carried. And then 2 diet lemon-lime sodas to test.

I was really fun. We all ate and wrote down our own judgements and then compared them. It was fun to hear and see how the 3 kids each did this...Rhianna is good at lists and charts so this fits her well. I liked Rand's comments like Yum Yum, Ick Yuck, and Too Much. We are not really sure how accurate Seth's judgements were, but he had fun trying. So once we rank ordered all of the foods and gave them points based on all of rankings, here are our findings:

Sandwich (mainly for Steve and I the bread and few extra toppings really improved the sandwich)
#1 Jason's Deli
#2 Subway (Steve totally disagrees with all our children's votes here and says we will still not eat Subway)
#3 Baggins
#4 Jimmy Johns

#1 Classic Lays from Jason's Deli
#2 & #3 Tied - Poor Brothers from Baggins & Baked Lays from Subway
#4 Jimmy Chips from Jimmy Johns

Soda - very similar taste here, mainly more fizz in the Sprite
#1 Diet 7-Up
#2 Sprite Zero

Father's Day was a fairly simple day. The kids and I had folded little shirts and colored them and written in them. The kids all sang in church to the fathers.

Monday was Steve's birthday. He chose to go to Neo - which has Malaysian and Chinese food. He likes Asian food more than any of us, so it is a good place for him to pick since we don't eat it as often. Some of the things we really liked were the pot stickers, roti canai, satay, fried rice, and sweet basil curry. We also got lime juice, one of my favorites from our visit to Singapore. We all really enjoyed the meal and ate plenty. Then we headed home for dessert.

The only thing Steve really wanted was a good chocolate cake. We had come up with many plans that hadn't worked and I know Steve was really wondering if we were going to find a good one. We had secretly gone to a local bakery and bought a sample with cash. The only trouble was that the sample wasn't quite what we wanted. The chocolate cake was really good so that was a good start. But the sample had fudge frosting and we wanted chocolate buttercream. We also wanted raspberry filling. We saw those things in other baked goods there and since they looked good, went for it. So honestly I too was hoping this would really be a good cake.

It was fantastic. The cake and frosting were really yummy. But the thick layers of really wonderful raspberry made the cake delicious. Steve was very pleased. It was a successful, delicious few days to celebrate Steve/Dad and all we appreciate about him.

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