Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Piano Recital

Rhianna is still doing great as ever at piano. She really likes it and practices and works at it all on her own. She is into these longer pieces that now take her several weeks to work at, but I think she did a great job at her recital last Saturday. All the kids played 2 more classical pieces and 1 that was more a pop song/movie song/etc. I recorded a few for you to see and hear.

This first is a slower song for Rhianna. It is called Sailing by Moonlight.

The second is an oldie I think you will recognize - Rockin' Robin. This is the speed she really likes - fast! (And she was amazed a few of the older students could go even she has something to look forward to!)


Andrea said...

Congratulations Rhianna. A great recital. We really liked Rockin Robin. Your Grandpa Funk used to "rock out" to that song.
Grandma Funk

Maria said...

Rhianna--I love your jean dress and blue hair flower. You have great style! I am impressed with your dedication to improve your talent. Beautiful music!

Valerie said...

Wow. I have been practicing the piano again recently, but Rhianna is definitely better than me.