Monday, May 28, 2012

Final School Projects

The kids finished school last Wednesday, May 23. The last few weeks were filled with music performances and parties. It was a wonderful year for both of them and they are looking forward to next year. They are both happy with the teachers they will have for 5th and 2nd grade.

Rhianna's last project was an invention. She created a Massage Alarm Pad (especially for me...I hate the noise of alarm clocks and turn mine off after 1 beep if I can). She made a poster with her ad for it along with a model of what it might look like.

Rand's last project was about an insect. He chose the Robber Fly because he liked how it would snatch other insects out of the air while it was flying and then suck their juices. He also did a poster and a model. I had the idea to try to find different metal screws and pieces at Ace Hardware and hot glue them into a Robber Fly. Rand had fun finding the pieces and it worked. It turned out really cool looking.

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