Sunday, April 1, 2012

School Projects

When Rhianna started Kindergarten it was quickly clear we could potentially have lots more papers and projects we could keep. While I do keep a few papers in a totally unorganized file, many things we just take pictures of to help us keep the memories. The kids have done several projects over the last few months I have been meaning to post so others who are family or friends can see them.

 This was when Rhianna's class talked about artifacts and they had to bring something from their family. They drew copies of the artifact and presented their posters to the whole school. This is Rhianna's copy of a drawing my great-grandma (Omama) did.

These were projects the kids did in GATE back in December. Rhianna made this map of India showing all the states. The states open up and show the pathway we took on our trip. Rand did a poster about 2 magical books he likes and made a flap to open and the house and treehouse pop out.

This is Rhianna's Native American Tribe project (they learn about Arizona history in 4th grade). The White Mountain Apache are known for their baskets and so she made the basket in the center and you can turn the wheel to see more facts and pictures.

Rand's class did a unit on fish (which is how we came to have a pet goldfish). This is a cool aquarium they made. The 2 paper plates are stapled together with colored plastic wrap going over the plate/whole in the front. The kids could create their own picture and story for the underwater picture.

For this GATE project Rhianna had to choose a system...which she combined with her love of Harry Potter. She made this book cover and researched and wrote a paper about publishing.

Rand did his GATE project about the Secrets of Droon books. He has read the whole series. He wrote a paper and made this diorama. You can see the magic shooting from the good characters at Lord Sparr. And Seth didn't want to be left out. So he made a diorama too.

This was a craft Seth did at library story time. It was close to Valentine's and they talked about shapes and made this clown with a heart and other shapes.

This was for Rhianna's project about an animal found in Arizona. In class they did research reports. At home they had to make a fact card about the animal and a 3D model. We used our pinata skills and made this paper mache desert cottontail rabbit. We used balloons for the body and head and plastic cups cut in pieces for the feet and ears and taped it all together. Then we got the flour/water goop and covered it all in newspaper. She painted it after it was dry and did a fun presentation to her class.

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