Saturday, February 11, 2012

Two New Looks

Rand got glasses! We ordered his online and he got 2 pairs that just arrived Thursday and today. He likes the thicker plastic frames. It also seems like he likes the more rectangle shape too. It was fun listening to him as he was noticing the details around him that had been fuzzy for a while.

One pair is a navy blue.

One pair is mainly clear with a little blue.

Rhianna also has a new look - pierced ears! She has been thinking about this for a while and building up some bravery. We showed her some videos online and talked to her about how it might feel and that she would need to take care of them. She is very responsible and organized that way and I am sure will do great. We did tell her that if she got the one done, she had to go through with number two even if it hurt. She went on a Daddy-Daughter date with Steve and got them pierced. It did hurt, but not for too long. She picked blue flower earrings to wear.

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Maria said...

You kids both look great. Rhianna you look so grown up now!