Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Krista's Super Creations

During Christmas break, Krista made a short movie with the Boivie cousins in Texas. So our kids were excited to make one with her when she came to visit over the MLK long weekend. It is just a fun little movie that she shot in short clips using her iPad and then edited together. This will take you to the video on Krista's blog. Personally, my favorite parts are Seth's mind control and then during the final celebration Seth saying over and over "Anybody want cake?"

She also made a really great gift for the 2 boys. Krista and Scott wrote a superhero story with Rand and Seth as the main characters. Then one of Krista's students did the illustrations. This will take you to the comic book on Krista's other blog. This was a very thoughtful creative gift that we have really enjoyed reading.

Friday, January 27, 2012

4 year old

Sometimes with my boys it has felt like they have the "Terrible 4-5s" and were really pleasant as 2 year olds. Seth is challenging me right now. He can still be lots of fun and silly and happy (like when we went on a walk and played at the park the other day) but he is also getting bigger and gets upset and frustrated (we went on that walk because we had to leave the grocery store with him crying about not getting a car cart). My goal this week was to take a day at a time and try to do good with him (and my other kids and other activities) and be more happy and positive and patient. And it mostly worked. Though I could probably go for a nap right now. So here are a few pictures of Seth...

On another note, we have started giving our kids allowance again. Sometimes I am finding things tricky balancing the different ages of my kids and what they need. Like allowance. We are trying to teach them about tithing and saving, so part of the money we ask them to put there. And then they have some to keep to spend when they want. Well the trick I am finding is that Rhianna and Rand are at school and so just keep their money. But Seth comes with me shopping and so wants to spend all his...cars, candy, etc. But last week was funny. He really wanted a King Size Kit-Kat and I said yes he could buy it with his money. When we got home though I pointed out that it was really big and maybe he should save some for later. He thought that was a great idea...and this is how he ate some and saved the rest...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Years

Grandma and Grandpa were here for New Year's too. Bob was sick this year, but we still did get a little time with our friends. Corine came over with Amelia and Grace to play games for a few hours. Seth fell asleep pretty soon after they left. Then Grandma and Grandpa were off to bed. Rhianna and Rand wanted to stay up so we played Sounds Like a Plan for a while. Then we did our annual musings of 2011 (remembering some our favorite things and events of the year) over Skype with the Neumillers until midnight. Kind of low key, but a fun night...and this is what the kids looked like as 2012 began...

Created by Kids

Rhianna and Rand made us wonderful gifts at school. Rand's teacher had the kids draw a family picture with crayon and then use water colors to paint the paper. They then turned it into a calendar for us to use this year.

Rhianna's teacher is an artist and taught the kids how to do a portrait. She took pictures of them and then they use the photo to do a drawing. Rhianna worked on this a long time and did great at all the shading and detail.

We are happy to have both of these displayed in our house!

Our Holidays

We were lucky this year to have family visit us again. It made Christmas feel like it kept on going. We had people to play with and talk with for a long time. Grandma and Grandpa Boivie were here the longest, Scott came for the Christmas weekend, Valerie was here for a few days over Christmas, and then Krista came this last weekend. So I guess now we should be fully back to normal and I should get some posts done. So here is a little of what we did together:

Christmas Eve - dinner with homemade mac&cheese, ham, cranberry sauce - Nativity acted out - PJs

Christmas Day - stockings - eggs and biscuits - church - presents - snacks and leftovers - games - naps

Pima Air & Space Museum - especially great for Rich to see a B-29 like his dad Carl (who Rand is named after) flew

Breakfast - Grandpa took us to Millie's Pancake House for lots of yummy food

Walks, movies, talking, games, puzzles, snowflakes, eating, family history, reading, shopping...We realized that even though we are so far away from all our family, we have been really lucky to be able to see our family quite a lot. And some of that is because they come to us even in the desert. We are glad we had Scott here for a few days and the boys still really love the superhero toys. Valerie was here a few more days and even found snow pants in Tucson - wow! And once we got enough layers to combat the cold air in the air mattress Grandma and Grandpa had a good stay. It was fun to watch the kids to different things and enjoy the time with family.