Monday, December 5, 2011

U of A Percussion Group

Steve and I had a really fun date on Saturday. After going out to dinner, we went to the U of A Percussion Group Performance. These were very skilled musicians and I really enjoyed watching them. A few of the songs felt a little more "normal" to me, in that they had drums and cymbals and things that I had seen before even though there were always a few people playing together very well. But a few stood out and were really unique.

One was called Musique de Table. Yes that is music on a table. 3 people sat at a table and played the music with their hands. It made different sounds depending on if they were slapping, tapping, scratching, flicking, pounding or using different fingers. It was fascinating to watch and just really cool. It made me want to see the music and learn a routine like this.

Another piece was played by 3 people on the marimba. A marimba is like a xylophone with pipes underneath the keys they strike. This was called Afta-Stuba! and was a very playful piece. The 3 of them played together, but would also move around, switch places, play on the sides or the front and it made it fun to watch.

There were a few other pieces that I also really enjoyed and was just amazed at how fast they could work, often with 2 mallets, and how accurate and great the music was. And this was just for $5 a person for almost a 2 hour performance. It was a great different thing to do together and made me think again that we should take better advantage of all that goes on at the University.

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Maria said...

How fun! Dave and I were in a rut for a long time of just eating out for every date, which is nice, but something different is fun too. How nice to have the university right there with inexpensive stuff to do.