Monday, November 28, 2011

Thoughts 11/28/11

I enjoyed quite a bit of relaxing time over Thanksgiving. I was so happy to not have to set the alarm and get to sleep in. But we also had sick kids for a few days, which also made a more relaxed mode. My kids are getting bigger now, but especially when they are sick I am reminded of how much they need and love me. Seth fell asleep snuggling on me a few times. Rand had a bad dream and was sick and came and slept with me. Those are tender times to hug them as they grow. I also decided I needed to give my kids a little more individual time and also do something constructive with them in the afternoons to try to hedge off some boredom which then often led towards tackling/wrestling/sword fighting/craziness. So I picked a novel to read with each kid and I take a few minutes just to be alone with them. It has been a welcome different activity. I love my kids. I am so grateful for the family that we have.

Finally, I just wanted to share this quote from Pres Benson. I was doing some reading to prepare for my Relief Society lesson next Sunday and came upon this talk to the children that he gave. One of the things that made me so happy reading this was that, at the time, I was one of the kids he was talking to. I would have been 11 at the time he spoke these words as prophet. And now I am the mother reading these words again:

"Dear child, you are God’s gift to your parents, and the gift your parents can give God is to bring you back to Him sweet and pure and faithful.

He expects your parents and leaders to teach you, to walk beside you, and to be shining examples to you so that you will know the way you should go. They must spend time with you and love you and pray with you and for you."


Maria said...

I like that quote. I felt especially strongly with Hannah that she was our gift from God.

What books are you reading with your kids?

Stephanie said...

Tuck Everlasting with Rhianna and Homer Price with Rand. With Seth I just read whatever picture books he wants. And we don't do it every day. But it has been something good if other playing ideas run out.