Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thoughts 11/13/11


Yesterday we went over to a friend's house for a BBQ. A REAL Texas-style, slow cook the meat for hours overnight, delicious BBQ. It was so tasty. Living in Austin we had it so good, especially our last apartment up in the arboretum area right across the street from Rudy's. The meat there is so tender and good and smells fantastic, the creamed corn is the best and I can eat a ton of it, it was pretty cheap, it is awesome that you eat off of paper towels and part of the building is a gas station...typical good Texas BBQ.

We tried lots of places out here in Tucson and were always sad. I just can't do bad BBQ - the fatty meat makes me want to gag. We did find one good place, but it is far away and in a resort so it is pricey. So yesterday was so delicious. He had a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker to slow cook the meat, both beef brisket and pork shoulder. We may very well have to get this grill at some point in the future.

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