Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Rhianna/Hermione Seth/Power Ranger Rand/Iron Man

It has been a full week of treats around here, starting with Seth's birthday. Our ward had a Halloween party on Wednesday night. The favorite game is always to eat the mini donut off the string. Rhianna and Rand are getting good at it after all these years. Rhianna was so quick I didn't even get a picture. The YM and YW also had learned the Thriller dance and performed for all of us.

Then on Halloween we did a loop around the neighborhood. Nearly every house was giving chocolate and Seth kept saying, "I got another chocolate!" so excitedly it made it really fun. Rhianna and Rand are even getting pretty good at regulating their own candy intake. Seth, on the other hand, loves that chocolate way too much. Yesterday they split up the candy and made it all even. For now they can have a few pieces a day. I think eventually we will still call an end to the candy and either give it to Steve's students or save it for a New Year's pinata (but then that means I have to control my candy eating...yes I love the candy too!)


Krista said...

I loved their costumes.

Liz said...

Wow! Great costumes!! Thanks for your comment, Stephanie. I appreciated it a lot. Really. Miss talking with you.