Monday, October 17, 2011


On Friday Steve and I had a date. While driving our babysitter I had the chance to talk to her about college and my major and how I chose my direction. I think it is interesting to look back...I loved school and really now feel so lucky to have had so many great teachers. So I think it was fairly natural that I thought teaching would be good.

I took my first math class in college, a little more advanced Calculus than I had done in high school. Now it didn't help that the class was at 7:30 am that first semester. I no longer could get up that early very easy, but I was there every day for class. Right after I had to leave and go to other classes, so it took a few weeks to get to know anyone and get some people I could study with. The teacher was just boring, it was harder for me, and I just really didn't think I could make it through 4 years of college with classes like this. So math was out.

I loved AP English and Mr DeConna and I loved the English classes I had in college. I read Shakespeare and other large anthologies. I really enjoyed the Young Adult Lit class. One of my favorites actually was Phonemics and I was convinced for a while we should all use the phonetic alphabet. So English Education was my major, with a minor in Science Education. I particularly liked the physiology classes and my astronomy class, not so much entomology and catching all those insects.

Then I began teaching. There were challenges with my first years, and yes I did have a panic attack one night when I was super stressed. So I learned to relax a little, and overall I really had fun and enjoyed teaching 6th grade English. Then I taught the one year of 7th grade science. I really hated most parts of that year. One important thing I discovered was that I enjoyed learning about a few parts of science, but I really didn't like teaching science. It was harder for me to feel like I could do it well. And since it was general science there were lots of areas to cover (like simple machines) that I really didn't care as much about.

I was so happy to be done and home with Rhianna and then Rand and Seth. I have time now to volunteer in the school. I like just having that small time to teach and be with them. It is interesting now to think about the future. I don't think I would go back to teaching. I don't know that I would go back to work at all, since I am glad that my mom was home and there for us and I like being around my kids. I do think having Steve work at the university will be a bonus for me because I would like to take more classes now that I was never interested in before. Things like economics or photography.


Valerie said...

This was very interesting for me to read. I have been thinking a lot lately about how much I want to be a teacher. We'll have to talk about it more soon.

Maria said...

That would be really fun to audit random college courses--especially if you can do it for free. Dave and I are doing the class on Wed. nights together and even though it is isn't a college type setting, I really like being in a class again.