Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thoughts 10/23/11

A phrase in two scriptures I read this week stood out to me.

Mosiah 4:27 "And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order."

Mosiah 7:33 "But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in him, and serve him with all diligence of mind, if ye do this, he will, according to his own will and pleasure, deliver you out of bondage."

The word "diligent" has given me something to think about over the past few days. In Sunday School we talked about Paul and how at the end of his life testifying he could say he stood with a good conscience. I think he was diligent. Then in Relief Society we talked about Pres Eyring's talk about service. This is something I have particularly been thinking about. As many times happens when I think about a scripture, my thoughts aren't fully formed or pulled together yet...but I think diligence is a good aim. We have to make sure to balance our various responsibilities in life. We shouldn't be excessive in any one thing...either too busy or too lazy...but diligent in completing our tasks and service. Anyway, this still gives me something to think about...

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Maria said...

I made myself a spreadsheet for every week that has a column for each day and then the basic things I want to get done every day--spiritual time, the 3 meals, 1 load of laundry, 1 chore, reading to the kids, Emmy school, and then a spot for an extra to-do list. It has helped me focus on getting the important, basic things done and not worrying about extras that don't fit into my life right now.

As always, I like reading these thoughts of yours. You are a great big sister.