Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crazy Hair Kids

Last week we had a few fun things. Rhianna went on a field trip to see the play Treasure Island at the Pima Community College. Then on Thursday night our primary had a talent show. The kids brought some things to display (flower hair bows for Rhianna, Lego creations for Rand, and toilet paper binoculars for Seth) and they each wanted to do something. It was fun watching them do their best. Seth was cute since he had never done something like this before. He was smiling and excited and hugging me and I could tell maybe a little nervous. But he got up by himself and told the story of the 3 Little Pigs with just a few pauses to figure out what he was saying. Rand read part of his Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide about avoiding an erupting volcano. It was funny to see the little smirk come on his face just before a part he thought was funny. And Rhianna played 2 songs on the piano. She is getting better and better and really likes fast songs.

Friday was Crazy Hair Day at school. Rand's hair is getting longer and so we spiked it up. Then we used make-up to draw on a beard. Rhianna wanted a whole bunch of braids and pigtails and lots of her flowers. They both looked pretty cool. I told Seth we could draw on his face later...but he didn't want to miss out on the action and so did it himself and came out saying he was a vampire.


Andrea said...

Hopefully that wasn't permanent marker.

Andrea said...

How fun that they could all share their talents.