Monday, October 10, 2011

Thoughts 10/10/11

We haven't shared pictures of our new bedroom furniture yet. So I thought this would be a good time. When we first got married, we lived in a furnished house for 1 semester. When we had to move, we had so little money so we just got an aerobed and used that for the semester until we graduated. We then bought a mattress and box spring with the metal frame for only $300. That lasted us 12 years until now.

This was one of those times we decided to pay for quality. We got a nicer bed frame, dark wood on the bottom with a leather headboard. The leather is called elephant and really is a mix of gray and brown and looks slightly different depending on the light. We also got new side tables. We decided to do like we have seen on many home shows and got 2 different tables, both in the same dark wood as our bed frame. The mattress we found at a mattress outlet, so it was a new king size high quality but not nearly as expensive.

Then we needed to get new sheets and comforter. We looked at some very nice ones, but the price of those covers was still too much for me to decide what I would like and want to spend so much on. I really love blue colors, and that is what we have on the wall, but I also like other colors and want to have different colors in our house. At Bed, Bath and Beyond we found several options that we liked. This comforter was a great one that has the blues as well as the grays and browns - and it wasn't too expensive. I really like the mix in our room - the geometric pattern on the walls with the floral on the bed, the white on the cover with the darker wood.

The bed is great and should last for a long time. So in the future maybe we can paint the walls and get another new cover. I like thinking about colors. I know that I especially don't like oranges or yellows much. Maybe we could have other colors like rose or the right shade of green or purple or other reds/pinks. My room growing up was a light blue with rose in the floral print and burgundy on the chair upholstery...and those are still some of my favorite colors.

PS - We also got a great new rug with a circle pattern - and yes it is blue too!!


Valerie said...

I love it all... the bed, bedspread, rug, sectional in the front room. I will have to post pics of all my new room decorations soon.

Krista said...

I love the new furniture. I would have chosen something very similar as well. Looks great!