Monday, September 26, 2011

A New Goal

Last week when I was commenting on my sister's blog, her posts and my own comments got me thinking. First she had a lot of great goals. I used to be pretty driven but with kids I have found I don't want to feel too busy or stressed. But now my kids are getting older and just naturally I think life will have more for us to do and it will be good for me to have some goals for myself. Also I really like it when my friends or family have new posts for me to read about. I usually only sporadically post about things we are doing. So I think I am going to make it a goal to try to write a little each week (usually either on Sundays or Mondays) just about my thoughts.

At church we talked about Elder Christofferson's talk "As Many as I Love, I Rebuke and Chasten." We talked about the difference between criticizing and correcting. I think I do fairly well at this with my kids, but it is a good reminder of how to teach them to make adjustments to do the right thing without judging them. Hopefully I can really think of Heavenly Father as my caring father and have faith in the corrections I need to make.

I also really liked his story of the current bush and the gardener, comparing that to Elder Brown's life and changes and corrections that were made but guided by Heavenly Father. I am just beginning to read Jacob 5 (it will take a few days...) So thinking about that current bush and the olive tree, what stood out to me was that it says the phrase that "it grieveth me to lose the tree" several times in just those few verses I read and that he wants to preserve it. The gardener does all these different things with the roots and branches to try to preserve them and help them have good fruit. Heavenly Father does want us to be happy and with him again and I do believe that he helps guide us back.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Note

Steve and I just got back from our date to see West Side Story. We enjoyed most of the show though I must say I felt disappointed that the update was done in poor taste. They made some of it more crude and sexual than it was or was intended to be. It made it less enjoyable even though much of the music and singing and dancing was still good.

But we arrived home to find this note from Rhianna on my hilarious I had to post it now:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Rand!

Today is Rand's 7th birthday and we did a few things to celebrate.

First - Cookie Taste Testing in school

Rand does a good job of telling us about school. In the last few weeks he told us they had talked about scientists and charts and we put all of that together for his birthday. Steve suggested for his treat that we make the 2 very good recipes we know and let the kids test them. It was a fun thing to do. I told them about my uncle, the ice cream food scientist. I told them we had to do the experiment the right way and so I wouldn't tell them until the end which cookie was which. Most kids liked both, but a few more (7) liked the New York Times version more than those who liked the America's Test Kitchen version (3). Then I told them a little about the 2 recipes that made them different and may be the reason why they could taste a slight difference.

Next - Rand got to pick out dinner. He had Steve pick up Jack-in-the-Box on the way home. He had a huge breakfast sandwich.

Then - Rand opened presents and played. This was mainly a LEGO birthday. It is a toy he plays with a lot, following the directions, but often just creating his own little things. He also got a chess set and so now we all need to relearn the moves and play.

Finally - Rand had friends over. He really wanted friends to come play on his birthday. 2 friends from school were able to come. We created little LEGO things (use 7 legos and make something, make a lego animal, make something using only green and blue...). Then we ate LEGO cake with ice cream. I had fun doing my best on the cake and we think it looked pretty cool.

Happy Birthday!!