Monday, August 8, 2011

Valerie's Visit to Tucson

Valerie came out to visit us as part of her sabbatical. Here is a list of what we did:
*Swimming - she taught the kids new pool games
*Played Games
*School supply shopping
*Wedding clothes shopping
*Bug catching

*Babysitting (so Steve and I could go to the temple) - she helped the kids weave paper place mats and then made them an indoor picnic
*Dates with each kid - McD's breakfast and playplace with Seth, Chuck E. Cheese games with Rand (on which she taught both boys to hold doors, hold hands, and be good gentlemen), and Color Me Mine pottery with Rhianna

*Eating at Rand & Seth's homemade restaurant "The Date" - created while she was on her date with Rhianna, complete with menus, money and a bill

*Eating Philly cheese steaks at Frankie's
*Bowling - she beat all of us

*Making Hair Bows - where I burned her finger with a hot glue gun

We loved having her and I am glad she got time with each of the kids by themselves. I like having her in person to talk to. And I think it is extra fun for her to visit here since she still has friends in the area from when she lived with us a few summers ago. It was a good week and not even too hard to say good-bye since we knew we would see her in just another week...

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