Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

This summer just zoomed past for us with all the travel we did. Today the kids started back to school. They were both so excited and up and at it and ready.

Rhianna is in 4th grade, has a great teacher and great friends in her class. Her teacher is very organized, has different colored folders for each subject and a planner for each student, and has some great reward systems and it looks like they will get to learn even more in each subject this year. She was chosen as their student council rep after a convincing speech ("At the end of the year last year I was elected as the temporary president so I do have some experience." - though she did vote for one of her friends even though she really wanted it). She is excited to be a patrol this year. Rhianna gave a very detailed report of all they did after school and can't wait for tomorrow.

Rand is in 1st grade with a teacher Rhianna already had and we love. He got to eat outside for the first time since he is in 1st grade now. He is at the yellow table and mainly with kids he didn't know before, though there are a few kids in his class from last year. He told me about two activities they did today. On one they could choose to draw about their favorite place, thing to do, or make up something silly - so he made a crazy story picture. The other was a fun poem about balloons and the places they go and then POP! Some kids made bad choices, mainly talking too much, and Rand was happy he had 0 bad choices today.

Seth packed a backpack of cookies this morning, which we ate at a picnic table outside after all the kids went in to school. He will be my buddy and assistant again this year.


Krista said...

I hope my first day turns out as well as the kids. They look adorable and excited.

Maria said...

How did Rhianna get so old! Hope this week is going well for everyone.