Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Salt Family Reunion

We arrived back from India on July 1st only to travel again a few days later. On July 5th we flew from Tucson to Salt Lake City and then drove up to Idaho. We were still not adjusted and that 4 hour car ride was fairly torturous. But we made it up to Rexburg and relaxed at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

The reunion started on Wednesday, July 6. This was a reunion for Steve's mom, her brother and sister, and their kids and grandkids. We had rented two large, nice cabins up in Island Park, ID and the first evening was just spent talking, eating, and getting to know everyone again. The kids all played fantastically together. Rhianna and Alix talked about Harry Potter and made bracelets together. One time Rand came up to me and said Kamiah was a good friend. Seth got attached to Uncle Greg and his big cousin Scott. But all the kids played well together and enjoyed this time.

On Thursday it was beautiful weather and we went on a few small hikes and had a picnic. We first went to Mesa Falls. It was a beautiful waterfall and the rainbow it created could even be captured on camera. They had a small house there selling things but also displaying all kinds of animals firs and bones and we really enjoying looking through every thing. Then we went to the spring where the river began and saw a cabin that had been built there many years ago.

On Friday we drove to West Yellowstone and went to the IMAX movie of Yellowstone and visited the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center. They have stuffed bears here as well as several live bears and wolves. One of the bears was really agitated and digging rocks and dirt like crazy so that was interesting to watch. There were also places for kids to play and climb in things and learn a little more about the animals and the area. This night we also had the kids play Minute to Win It games which our kids loved. Each night we also sang a family song, learned old dances like the polka and square dance, and enjoyed a fire and smores.

Saturday many of the families traveled into Yellowstone and did a loop. They saw several animals and Old Faithful and other sites in the park. Because of all our travel we opted out and stayed back at the cabin with a few others. We had a great game of Bite the Bag. Hayley won and the other kids did really well too but we were all amazed at Marnie's skill. We also took a small walk near the river and stuck our feet in the water out at the boat docks. So it was a nice relaxing day.

Sunday we said goodbye to everyone and drove to join Doug and Marnie at church. We ate lunch at their house afterward and of course the kids love to see Doug's police car and guns. Then we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's house to have a birthday dinner for Grandma and enjoy the evening.

Since our flight didn't leave until late Monday night we stopped to visit family in Logan. Our niece Taylor got married while we were in India, so we met up with Taylor and Carson and ate pizza for lunch with them. Then we went to Grandma Clyde's house and had a few hours to talk. The kids always remember the toys in the basement and had fun playing. Grandma also had ice cream for us and we had a nice visit comparing our trip to India with the trip she did with Grandpa many years ago. Then we went to Grandma & Grandpa Funk's house and again had a chance to talk about our trip. Rhianna was good about showing Grandpa the pictures of India we had brought them. Becky came to visit with her little boys and they had a nice time playing with my boys. We spent some of the time looking through a life history book of Grandma's mom and dad. I was glad we had a least a little time to visit with Taylor and my grandparents while we were traveling through.

I always love looking out the windows as a fly and often find it so beautiful above the clouds. This time I caught a gorgeous sunset out the window above the wing of the plane. It was a wonderful visit to family.

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