Sunday, June 12, 2011

India - Week 4

The beginning of the week we mainly stayed around the house again. While Steve teaches and works, we color, read books, and watch TV. The kids have developed many games with their legos or other limited toys. We did spend a little time shopping and playing at the arcade. We were very happy that my parents were able to get their visas renewed for the next two years on their trip to Washington DC and were able to be back for our last week here.
On both Wednesday and Thursday we went to their house for part of the day and played games and ate dinner. One fun thing was my mom showing the kids her rope tricks. When she was a little girl she learned to twirl ropes and do all kinds of tricks. She even had a cute little cowgirl outfit she wore when she performed. And so she played with the kids and Rhianna even got started with the rope.
Friday afternoon we went with my mom to a very fantastic shop with rugs, jewelry, and all kinds of wonderful crafts. We then went to Nehru Planetarium. The show was really interesting, learning more about the stars and planets. But the kids really had fun with the science park that was outside. Even with the see-saws they had signs explaining the science behind it. We then went to commercial street which is just filled with all kinds of stores.
We ended the day meeting my dad for dinner at the best Indian restaurant we have eaten at. My parents showed the kids how to eat like an Indian and play with their food. They would take the rice, put the chicken tikka masala and raita on top, and then mix with their fingers. You then take a piece of naan, rip it, and wrap it around the mixture to scoop and eat. All done with just the right hand. It really was delicious food. And then they bring you a bowl of water and lemon for washing your hand.
Saturday morning we again spent time at my parents' home making cookies (Seth sneaking chocolate chips from the precious stash that we have to bring in from America), watching a movie, and playing until it was time for them to do district conference and we headed home to rest. We had beautiful weather again and so played outside at the park in the evening.
Today was again a nice day. Today - June 12 - is our 13th wedding anniversary. I am glad we have had this chance to be in India and that we get to do the trip together. We had the chance to listen at church to district conference which meant both my mom and dad spoke. We then spent the afternoon at their house making dinner and playing games. My mom is really a good cook and has learned to adapt and go with the flow. The power went out at some point while they were in the US, possibly for days, and all the food in their fridge and freezer spoiled and had to be thrown out. Today there were bugs in the rice so that didn't work out. You have to clean your fruits and veggies in bleach water but then she makes great salads. She has her recipes from the US and so has to try to convert some things in her head to the way food is labeled and packaged in the metric system here. And it was a great meal again. And now the kids are all having a sleep over at grandma and grandpa's house, I am sure playing more games and having fun together.

Tomorrow Steve's sister Krista arrives from the US to join us on our travels. We just have a few days left here. Busy days for Steve to finish up his class and grading, plus finishing work on other research papers. We will have a few last days to see my parents. I am especially glad they have made time for us to be with them. Then we say good-bye again and travel to other parts of India.

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Maria said...

Thanks for loaning Mom and Dad to me for week. I am glad they got back to see you again. Enjoy the last while in India. I am glad you are having some good times.