Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday in Phoenix

Yesterday we had a great day. Steve and I decided to make a goal of going to the temple more often. Our friends went with us up to the Phoenix area. First Steve and I were able to go into the temple while Bob and Corine took the kids into the visitor's center and played outside and ate snacks.

Then while Bob and Corine went into the temple we took all the kids to the Arizona Museum for Youth just a few blocks away. It was a really fun museum with all 5 kids. There were many spots for dress up and pretend and artwork and play.

We then went to Gandolfo's for some great sandwiches. This was a place we loved in Provo and were finally able to taste again in Tempe. We then headed to Scottsdale to look at a few stores and finished by eating frozen yogurt before we drove back home to Tucson. It was a very pleasant trip. The kids were great in the car and we all had fun and were happy during our activities. It will be nice to have more trips like these to the temple.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Relief" Society

Rhianna said something awesome the other day. We were talking about church and she was explaining to Rand what the Relief Society is. She said that the church has Relief Society (and the related activities) so the Moms could have relief from their kids.

While Stephanie made sure to explain that it was also so that we could help and provide relief to those in need, I also told her that her explanation is definitely a good one as well.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Our kind of Pet

Is one that we got to enjoy and then give back!!

Rand's Kindergarten class now has a guinea pig named Sweet Pea. Back in March we were the first family to get to take her home for the weekend. The kids were very responsible and took care of feeding her. They enjoyed holding her, though Seth would only make it about 30 seconds because her feet tickled him so much. She really liked eating the fluffy ends of sweet grass and apples and Rand would feed her right out of his hand. And she only pooped on Rand once.

Pretty good for one weekend!