Thursday, February 24, 2011

Visit to Boston

My sister Maria had baby Hannah on February 1. Since my mom is far away in India, I had the chance to step in and help as she has done and would have done. I was grateful that all the travel went smoothly and that there was generally nice weather. It allowed Seth and I to play outside with Emmy and Andrew and have fun and not totally freeze.

A big part of our time was spent playing with the big kids - games, dress up, crafts, forts, movies, sledding, and going out a few times to stores or museums. Hannah is a really good, snugly baby and Maria is recovering very quickly so I think it was nice for her to get some rest at times, but also to be able to have me hold Hannah and she could cook or run a few errands.

It was also Maria's birthday on Saturday - Dave and the kids and I cleaned the house, Maria and Dave went to lunch, Valerie came over for pizza and jello poke cake and then Dave did movie night with the kids while the 3 sisters went out for a little bit and rented Twilight Eclipse. I love being around my family. I am always impressed with my sister Maria and how well she does things and handles things - even just 2 weeks after having a new baby. She makes me want to be better. It was nice to get back home and see Steve and talk to Rhianna and Rand (and I am glad they had a fun week together and with friends and Krista), but I am glad I had the week to spend with her family.

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Valerie said...

I wish I could have spent more time with you! Work gets in the way of all my fun. Also, that last picture is HILARIOUS!