Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Christmas Season in Pictures

We did so many things throughout December into January that I thought I would just post some pictures with short explanations. We had many chances to do extra service and were happy to help others. We were glad to have Calvin here for a few weeks to play lots of games and to do go to a few extra fun places. It was a very merry Christmas season.

Decorating the tree - stockings - Advent calendar from Krista

Rhianna's piano recital

Kindergarten Gingerbread Party with Rand

Real Gingerbread Men with the Neumillers

Enchanted Snowfall - Soapy foamy bubble snowflakes...not quite the real thing

Christmas Eve Nativity Story - Calvin as a donkey with baby donkey Seth, Rhianna as Mary, Rand as Joseph, Stephanie as a shepherd, Steve as an angel, reappearances by Seth and Calvin as wise men

Christmas Pajamas for everyone this year!

Even pajamas for Calvin - here with a new game on Christmas

Mini Golf

It rained (and snowed in the mountains!) - Calvin taught the kids to make paper boats and it may have even snowed on us for about 1 minute!

Air and Space Museum - Maybe my new favorite thing in Tucson - so many great planes (but the camera batteries died) like the huge boat/plane, Blackhawk, Top Gun type plane, Air Force One, helicopters, mini planes, bombers - Amazing!!

New Year's Eve with the Neumillers - food, games (like Lego Minotaurus), fun - and we all made it to Midnight!!

Final snowball fight - this time with extra stuffing from Build-a-Bear Make and Play