Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Seth!

Today Seth turned 3!

We played at the park this morning and then Seth helped me make his airplane cake. Steve found the idea online. We modified it a little, especially using chocolate frosting instead of white. This was the most detailed cake we have made yet. It took a while, Seth ate lots of sweets in the process, but we had fun and it looked super cool.

For dinner Seth wanted to have hot dogs and noodles. We added some fruit. And he wanted our good friends the Neumillers to come for his birthday. They brought Sonoran Hot Dogs for the adults to eat.

We ate dinner. Then the kids did a little treasure hunt. Seth could barely wait to open presents and play.

We finished with the airplane cake and ice cream. We love Seth and it was a nice day with him.


Maria said...

I love that first picture--so much like you Steph. Seth, you are so cute!!

Krista said...

Looks like an awesome birthday!

Valerie said...

Seth is so dang cute! Fun cake too!

MOM said...

Keep him in your heart as the delightful boy he is now as teenage-hood will come. Love all of you.