Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Rand!

Rand is 6!! Today was Rand's actual birthday, but we wanted to have more time for activities. So we celebrated on Saturday. Rand invited 3 friends from his Kindergarten class over to our house. He still loves treasure hunts, so we made a treasure hunt for them to do around the house. Then we just shared cake and ice cream. It was just a short time together, but good to see these other kids and their families and fun for Rand.

We loved Rand's cake. A while ago he said he wanted a car volcano cake. We made it at home and tried to incorporate all his ideas. He wanted cherries for the lava that we added just before we ate the cake. I think it was great and very unique.

Saturday night Rand picked In-n-Out for his birthday dinner and so we ate some yummy burgers and fries. We came home and Rand opened presents and then we had another round of cake. We got him some more Legos - one set that can make several detailed houses and took the kids a few hours to build on Sunday. He loved the game Battleship this summer and so we gave him that game, as well as a book of mazes. Finally, when Rhianna started piano, Rand also said that after he learns piano he wants to play the drums and the rock guitar. We found some battery powered drumsticks that play songs or play a drum beat when you swing in the air or hit any surface. Rand and the other kids have had fun playing with all the toys over the past few days.

Rand also got sung to on Sunday at church and then we finished off the cake at home. Today he brought chocolate donut holes to share with his class for his birthday. We didn't do much today, but we certainly love Rand. We had such a fun weekend and are so glad he is part of our family.


merathon said...

i'm impressed that you actually made that cake happen! i could totally see myself saying, "are you sure that's what cake you want? let's try to think of something a little easier!"

Maria said...

Rand happy birthday! That cake looks great and it sounds like you had lots of fun. I hope 6 is super!

Melissa said...

I agree with the other comments..the cake is awesome!

Valerie said...

Happy birthday, Rand! I do love that cake. Reminds me of the volcanoes and dinosaurs I saw in Hawaii. :) Sorry I missed your call the other night--hope we can webcam soon!