Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seth's Fantastic FHE Lesson

Each Monday night we have Family Home Evening. It is a chance to have a short lesson or activity about something church-related. Now that our kids are older we rotate jobs - conducting, lesson, prayer, song, and treat. On Monday it was Seth's turn to teach the lesson. I let him go through the Gospel Art Kit pictures and choose a picture he liked. Then I told him the story and he practiced with me a few times. When it was his turn, he just got up and told about Joseph Smith praying so perfectly. It was a great lesson; he really does know and remember what we taught him. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Upcoming Adventure in India

The big news in the Boivie household today is that our family will be going to India this summer. For those of you who don't know, Stephanie's parents are mission presidents for the LDS church in Bangalore India. After they had received their mission call, Stephanie and I decided that some time during their three year mission we would take our family to India to visit them. Initially we had been planning to go to India over the Christmas break in 2012.

Then I went to a conference in August and some of my friends and colleagues were discussing how they had used opportunities to teach at schools in other countries to help their families go visit some great places. That got me thinking that I should start looking for some kind of similar opportunity to help us fund our planned trip to India.

Shortly after the conference my department had our first faculty meeting of the year and my department head announced that the Global Cohort which had gone to China last year, would be spending the upcoming summer in Bangalore India and that they needed someone from our department to teach in that program. So, after working out some of the details, today I formally agreed to teach the class this summer. I will be teaching a class from mid-May to mid-June and we might stay a week or so longer so that we can see some other sights after I am done with teaching.

We are excited and a little nervous, but this is a great opportunity since the school will pay for my expenses (e.g. my flight, an apartment, etc.) and a salary to teach the class. That salary will be enough to pay for Stephanie and the kids to come. Although it was earlier than we had originally planned, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. It should be a tremendous experience to actually live in India for over a month.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Rand!

Rand is 6!! Today was Rand's actual birthday, but we wanted to have more time for activities. So we celebrated on Saturday. Rand invited 3 friends from his Kindergarten class over to our house. He still loves treasure hunts, so we made a treasure hunt for them to do around the house. Then we just shared cake and ice cream. It was just a short time together, but good to see these other kids and their families and fun for Rand.

We loved Rand's cake. A while ago he said he wanted a car volcano cake. We made it at home and tried to incorporate all his ideas. He wanted cherries for the lava that we added just before we ate the cake. I think it was great and very unique.

Saturday night Rand picked In-n-Out for his birthday dinner and so we ate some yummy burgers and fries. We came home and Rand opened presents and then we had another round of cake. We got him some more Legos - one set that can make several detailed houses and took the kids a few hours to build on Sunday. He loved the game Battleship this summer and so we gave him that game, as well as a book of mazes. Finally, when Rhianna started piano, Rand also said that after he learns piano he wants to play the drums and the rock guitar. We found some battery-powered drumsticks that play songs or play a drum beat when you swing in the air or hit any surface. Rand and the other kids have had fun playing with all the toys over the past few days. Rand also got sung to on Sunday at church and then we finished off the cake at home. Today he brought chocolate donut holes to share with his class for his birthday. We didn't do much today, but we certainly love Rand. We had such a fun weekend and are so glad he is part of our family.

Friday, September 10, 2010


A few weeks ago Rhianna had her first piano recital. It was an informal one just at her piano teacher's house - but you can see how far she has come. Calvin gave her a good beginning last summer. She started lessons at the very end of June and just sped right along. Now she plays with 2 hands, sings along, and practices on her own each day. She is doing really well. 

Rand surprised all of us and announced that he wanted to play a few songs too. Rhianna has started showing him a few of the beginning songs. He got right up there and played and sang too.

Each Friday at the kids' school one of the classes does the pledge and some kind of short show or song for the school. Today was the Kindergarteners' turn. Rand is loving school. He loves music and had fun with this song, which has all the letter sounds A to Z.